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David M. Walker
Dawn H. Miller
Dennis H. Chookaszian
Dr. Sridhar (Sri) Ramamoorti
John P. Kayser
Kevin Rochford
Mitchell S. Feiger
Phil Lumpkin
Rick Jasculca
Rosanne Dineen
Thomas C. Wright
Vincent A. Kolber
William (Bill) A. Obenshain
Roger R. Nelson, Chairman, Emeritus
Dr. Herbert Sohn
Kevin Edward White
Founder And CEO
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William (Bill) A. Obenshain, Chairman
Executive Director, The Center for Financial Services, DePaul University

Rosanne Dineen, Independent Financial Services Professional

Rick Jasculca, Chairman and CEO, Jasculca Terman & Associates

John P. Kayser, President of Kayser Family Foundation

Vincent A. Kolber, Founder & Principal, RESIDCO

Phil Lumpkin, Former Vice President of Blue Cross Blue Shield

Dawn H. Miller, Executive Director, Major Gifts at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Kevin Rochford, Managing Director & Senior Resident Officer, Bessemer Trust Company

Kevin Edward White, Principal, Kevin Edward White & Associates, Chicago, IL

Thomas C. Wright, Retired Vice Chair of BMO Capital Markets

Roger R. Nelson, Chairman Emeritus
Retired Deputy Chairman, Ernst & Young, Chicago, IL

Dr. Sridhar (Sri) Ramamoorti, Academic Advisor
Director, Center for Corporate Governance, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Dr. Herbert Sohn, Academic Advisor
President, Strauss Surgical Group Association, S.C., Chicago, IL


Dennis H. Chookaszian, Director, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holding, Inc.

Mitchell S. Feiger, President and CEO, MB Financial, Inc.

David M. Walker, Founder and CEO, Comeback America Initiative, Former U.S. Comptroller General