How much does DoD’s Annual Financial Report cost?

February 18, 2019

Depends on your frame of reference.

Next week’s State of the Union Address – should we expect financial results?

January 29, 2019

Not just good results -- any results at all.

Bad math in Chicago Public Schools' 'surplus'

January 24, 2019

CPS financial results deteriorated last year, in contrast to messaging

Why are Climate Alliance governors in states with bad financial conditions?

January 23, 2019

States with carbon taxes tend to be in poor financial shape.

If you can’t count improper government payments, does that make them proper?

January 23, 2019

How well does the government count, manage and address improper government (over) payments?

Ye of little faith ...

January 16, 2019

Here are the number of times the words “tax,” “budget,” “grow,” “spend,”  “reduce,” “borrow,” “save,” “debt,” “accounting,” “financial,” “corrupt,” “trust” and “faith” appear in the inauguration address by the new Governor of Illinois.

The Federal Reserve rewrites the Federal Reserve Reform Act

January 11, 2019

How broad is the "Chevron doctrine?"

DOD audit results: Some questions for the powers that be

January 11, 2019

Is an annual disclaimer of opinion inevitable?

Fewer babies arriving in Illinois

January 10, 2019

If you were baby, or thinking of making one, would you rather be in a state with better financial health?

Movin' on out ...

January 3, 2019

... of Illinois, and other poorly governed states.

Why 2018 has been the best year yet at TIA

Sheila Weinberg | December 19, 2018

What a year it has been for Truth in Accounting.

A curious lace in the other shoe about to drop on state balance sheets

December 18, 2018

High OPEB states differ from low OPEB states in some interesting ways.


Weed, gambling, COLAs, and more gambling

December 12, 2018

Mayor Emanuel's farewell message addressing Chicago's massive pension shortfall

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