US government finances still deteriorating

March 28, 2019

The U.S. government just released its annual financial report for fiscal 2018, after a shutdown delay

How 'unsustainable' will Uncle Sam’s finances be in the annual financial report coming this afternoon?

March 28, 2019

When faced with complex financial exercises, simple cues can help inform analysis.

California Dreaming, meet Texas Tea

March 26, 2019

How do Texas city finances compare to counterparts in California?

When counting people for the Census, is more simply better?

March 19, 2019

An interesting "Get Out the Vote" campaign is underway in Illinois.

Budgeting for terrorism

March 14, 2019

Uncle Sam's insurance program, that is.

Do teacher pension plans boost the Illinois economy?

March 12, 2019

Caveat emptor applies to taxpayers, too.

How big is Illinois’ balance sheet?

March 8, 2019

Make-believe balance sheets 101

Some states are especially keen on a popular vote for U.S. President

March 4, 2019

Are states voting with their wallets?

Three things Chicago voters need to know about the city’s financial situation

Josh Shaffer | February 22, 2019

Chicago’s inherited debt problem has wounded the city in recent years; our elected officials have financially “kicked the can” down the road for so long that this election could result in the popping of a fragile fiscal bubble. 

New Illinois governor, old claim to “balanced budget”

February 21, 2019

J.B. Pritzker puts more lipstick on the Illinois pig

How much does DoD’s Annual Financial Report cost?

February 18, 2019

Depends on your frame of reference.

Next week’s State of the Union Address – should we expect financial results?

January 29, 2019

Not just good results -- any results at all.

Bad math in Chicago Public Schools' 'surplus'

January 24, 2019

CPS financial results deteriorated last year, in contrast to messaging

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