Do governments ever go out of business? How about Illinois governments?

December 3, 2019

Is the State of Illinois a 'going concern?'

Should home appraisals include analysis of civic finances?

December 2, 2019

When you buy a house, you buy a right to pay future taxes.

Signs of progress, and new sources of concern, in DoD’s Annual Financial Report

November 19, 2019

We have much more to learn in the months, and years, ahead.

Financial Transparency Score 2019

November 19, 2019

Our new report that scores each state government based on how transparent they are to the public about their finances using best practices from the private sector. 

A waterfall of red ink underneath Buffalo’s ‘surplus’

November 14, 2019

Positive spin in early media story, but ...

Tomorrow, the DoD delivers audited financial statements

November 14, 2019

... and audited for the second straight year. 

Buffalo, New York ‘releases’ its 2019 financial report

November 13, 2019

Some government financial reports are distributed selectively, and to some earlier than others.

Tomorrow morning, a test case in interpreting government financial reports

November 12, 2019

The City of Buffalo, New York just released its annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report ... in print version only. 

How much do state and local taxpayers pay lawyers and insurance brokers?

October 28, 2019

Hard to say, looking at those income statements.

Pensions, bailouts, and moral hazards threatening taxpayers

October 24, 2019

Safety nets can help the well-connected, and threaten and destabilize others.

Hazardous-duty pay for Senator Elizabeth Warren?

October 22, 2019

Walking the picket lines in Chicago can be a little hazardous.

Can the young and the unborn count on Social Security?

October 21, 2019

Yes, but they will need to be able to do math with negative numbers.

How did your stock portfolio do today, Illinois taxpayers?

October 2, 2019

Guess who is holding the bag, when pension investments tank.

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