National Public Pension Coalition vs. Truth in Accounting: Who is accurate with public pension unfunded debt?

Mary Pat Campbell  |  June 10, 2021

By Mary Pat Campbell, includes “… As I said to someone else about a stressed public pension, don’t blame me for the huge pile of shit I just pointed out to you. I didn’t create the pile. I just pointed at it. And I didn’t have to do much — officials also communicated to me that stinking pile. I’m just interpreting the mystic language into something other people can understand. So NPPC, I highly recommend you focus on the pensions running out of money, like in Chicago. TIA is giving you (and public employees and retirees) useful information by aggregating these results. It tells you where the most acute trouble is. This is not about blame, but about information. If you, NPPC, don’t want to use that information to help and educate your own constituent groups…. well. What was your mission, again? “

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