The scariest zombie state governments walking among us on Halloween

October 27, 2020

Who might be "gambling for resurrection" with taxpayer money?

Should the federal government double down on financial assistance for states? What if it can’t?

September 15, 2020

The power to print money isn't infinite.

Cleaning up nuclear contamination costs a lot of money – and the costs are mushrooming

September 10, 2020

An issue illuminating the difference between cash and accrual-based deficits.

Yes, Illinois is an ‘extreme outlier’

September 1, 2020

Have you seen the movie "The Big Short?"

Congressional Oversight Commission to scrutinize Fed’s ‘Municipal Liquidity Facility’ in upcoming hearings

August 31, 2020

Was Illinois an 'eligible issuer' when it received a $1.2 billion loan from the Fed?

Crises, lobbying, and migration: Lessons from 2009 for pandemic/lockdown bailout debates

August 27, 2020

"Rent-Seeking" isn't just about apartments.

A used book illuminates the rising cost of Illinois government

August 25, 2020

Book prices have gone up, but it also costs a lot more just for the "right" to buy them -- at least in Illinois.

Illinois, New Jersey and New York rank in bottom five in ALEC’s latest Economic Outlook Rankings

August 24, 2020

Migration trends are poor in states that don't fare well on ALEC's "Rich States, Poor States" report.

How big is your federal government? How many programs does it run?

August 5, 2020

The "Federal Program Inventory" -- a long-lost effort to identify waste and inefficiency in the federal government.

New Zealand 74, USA 6

July 30, 2020

New Zealand's "All-Blacks" set the standard on the rugby pitch. New Zealand's government does the same thing on the financial field.

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