Are you in control of your Social Security?

For the 82nd anniversary of Social Security, founder and CEO Sheila Weinberg investigates the problematic new Social Security website HERE.  

Our very own Blues Brothers search for the CAFR!

Our Director of Research goes out to see if the Chicago Annual Financial Report is released on the promised day. Will he have any luck? Find out here!

New state data is available

2016 financial reports are now available for nearly all 50 states. Click here to see if your state's data is currently available!

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    Each September, we launch our Financial State of the States report, which analyzes the finances of all 50 states. See our reports from 2009 - present. 

  • Bill's Blog

    Bill Bergman serves as TIA's Director of Research. He is responsible for managing TIA's federal project and State Data Lab's data base.  Bergman spent 13 years as an economist and policy analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

  • Financial State of the Cities

    We analyzed the financial conditions of the 50 largest US cities. See how they rank here

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    Our Federal Project explores various aspects of government financial reporting, and will examine a different theme each month for the next year. 

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    Each year Truth in Accounting issues a report of the financial condition of each of the 50 states. Click here for our latest 2015 data to see how your state is doing.

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  • The Social Security crash is closer than you think

    August 17, 2017

    Social Security turned 82 years old this week and finds itself as sickly as many of the elderly Americans it serves.

    Unless Congress acts soon, it will not be around in its current form for another 82 years — or even half that long. The Social Security Trustees forecast that the trust fund will go broke in 2034. The Congressional Budget Office projects an even earlier collapse, pegging it at 2030.

  • WATCH: Live stream of tonight's forum in Chicago

    August 10, 2017
    NPR Illinois

    NPR Illinois will host its fifth Illinois Issues forum tonight at the Union League Club of Chicago. The listening tour of the state focuses on the financial health of Illinois and the lasting impacts of the two-year-long state budget impasse. 

  • NSIG Breakfast: ¬†How did we get into this mess?

    August 3, 2017
    Harvard Business School Club of Chicago

    In this session we will do the following: Learn about the accounting gimmicks used to “balance” state budgets while simultaneously racking up billions of dollars of debt …

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