Sheila Weinberg on WLS Radio (Chicago)

Truth in Accounting CEO & Founder Sheila Weinberg was interviewed on WLS Radio (Chicago) this morning about TIA's forthcoming "State of the States" report.

People and Businesses Leaving NJ, IL, NY

NJ, IL, NY have the highest percent of businesses and citizens leaving their state. OR and SC have the lowest. 

What Percent of Your Income is Needed to Pay Your State's Bills?

5 states need over 60% of their citizens' average income to pay debts.  

US Published National Debt


The Truth


Your Share: $258,000

State Data Lab

Surplus or Debt?

California & New York: Do these states generate profit for each citizen?



  • Each Taxpayer's Burden

    Find how much you would have to pay to cover your state's bills.  To determine your "Taxpayer Burden" Truth in Accounting calculated the money needed to pay your state's bills, including pensions.

  • State Financial Data

    Each year the Truth in Accounting staff collects data from every state's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

  • The Municipal Debt Crisis

    A thorough study of 518 taxing entities in Cook County, including Chicago.  This June 2013 report was coauthored by John Nothdurft, the Heartland Institute, and Sheila Weinberg, CEO of TIA.


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