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Some Views on 'Qualitative Easing'

'QEII', a new injection of at least $800 billion to purchase government debt sure looks like currency debasement to us. Here are some interesting views on the plan.

The Fed is desperate to crank the debt spiral that our economic system is now based upon back up again. The Fed thinks that somehow if it can just pump enough nearly free liquidity into the banking system, the banks will turn around and lend it out at a markup and that this will get the debt spiral cranking again.

The sad truth is that the Federal Reserve is not trying to build an economic recovery on solid financial principles. Rather, what the Federal Reserve envisions is an "economic recovery" based on new debt creation.

So will $900 billion be enough to get the debt spiral cranked up again?


If 1.8 trillion dollars didn't work before, why does the Federal Reserve think that 900 billion dollars is going to work now?† The entire article is here.

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