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Exiting TARP....Horizontally?

The Wall Street Journal asks if Citigroup should be allowed to fail.

† Regulators remain at odds over how much trouble Citi is in. But this spring's stress tests revealed Citi to have a $63 billion hole in its balance sheet, which the feds papered over by giving the bank credit for converting its government-owned preferred into common shares, a move that will put no new money into the bank. Citi has also been slow to raise private capital since the stress-test results were revealed, even as the capital markets have opened up to its competitors. More broadly, Citi has proven itself unmanageable by having already failed three times since the 1980s, requiring government bailouts in one form or another during the sovereign debt crisis in the '80s, the 1990s real-estate bust and again, twice, during the panic of 2008. Its turnaround plan has also been less than impressively executed.† The entire article is here.

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