Financial State of the Union 2023 with Congress building in DC

Financial State of the Union 2023

The financial condition of the U.S. government worsened by more than $12.7 trillion in 2022. 

Financial State of the Cities report with downtown city

Financial State of the Cities 2023

Pension volatility plays a major role in this year's report. 

US Published National Debt


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Each Taxpayer's Share: 952,000

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  • Meet the Interns: Amber Saxon

    August 31, 2023

    Hi! My name is Amber Saxon, I am the current content creator and social media marketer for Truth in Accounting. I recently graduated from Bowling Green State University in April with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in Marketing and minoring in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development.

  • Note from Sheila

    June 20, 2023

    Today's inside look focuses on the wins coming from the Truth in Accounting partnership with the University of Denver, which has opened up new opportunities and introduced our name and work to a wider audience. But these wins aren't for us. They are for you! And we can only rack up more wins with financial support. DU doesn't fund us. We fund the project. 

  • Inconsistent bank regulation spells trouble for investors

    June 13, 2023

    "The failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was not a surprise to regulators or investors who took the time to check the bank’s financial statements and footnotes. By March of 2021, unrealized debt securities losses for the bank had already begun to climb, reaching ($1,343) million by year-end December 2021, and leaping to ($15,160) million a year later, all the while the bank’s stockholders’ equity remained flat."

  • Exclusive: Pentagon accounting error overvalued Ukraine weapons aid by $3 billion

    May 27, 2023

    "WASHINGTON, May 18 (Reuters) - The Pentagon overestimated the value of the ammunition, missiles and other equipment it sent to Ukraine by around $3 billion, a Senate aide and a defense official said on Thursday, an error that may lead the way for more weapons being sent to Kyiv for its defense against Russian forces."

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