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Financial State of the States NOW AVAILABLE

Our twelfth annual Financial State of the States report, an analysis of the 50 states' financial health in 2020, is now available.

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  • Financial State of the Cities 2022

    Truth in Accounting has released its sixth annual Financial State of the Cities report.

  • Bill's Blog

    Bill Bergman serves as TIA's Director of Research. He is responsible for managing TIA's federal project and State Data Lab's data base.  Bergman spent 13 years as an economist and policy analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

  • Financial State of the States 2021

    Truth in Accounting's twelfth annual Financial State of the States report, a nationwide analysis of the most recent state government financial information.

  • Financial State of the Union 2021

    Our Financial State of the Union report found that the financial condition of the U.S. government worsened by nearly $10 trillion in 2020.

  • Data-Z (formerly State Data Lab)

    Create your own chart with more than 700 data variables, including demographic, economic and financial at the federal, state, and city level.

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  • Two cities’ finances holding steady during the pandemic

    January 28, 2022
    The News-Gazette (Illinois)

    Editorial, includes “… There are plenty of problems facing Champaign and Urbana, but financial shortfalls apparently are not one of them. … On the same day the national group Truth in Accounting released a report that said the majority of the 75 largest municipalities saw their finances worsen because of COVID-19, the Urbana City Council heard that the city’s revenue rebounded more quickly than expected.” 

  • Fresno ranks No. 8 on list of fiscally healthy U.S. cities

    January 28, 2022
    The Business Journal (California)

    Includes “The City of Fresno has fared well in its fiscal health with a healthy surplus compared to other U.S. municipalities, a recent financial report shows. According to Truth in Accounting’s 2022 Financial State of the Cities, which surveys the fiscal health of the 75 largest municipalities in the country, Fresno ranked eighth on the chart with a $1,300 surplus per estimated taxpayer. … ”

  • Chicago has second highest debt of US cities

    January 27, 2022
    WBBM News Radio 780 (Illinois)

    By Mike Krauser, includes 40-second radio segment, and text “Chicago is the Second City when it comes to public debt. Chicago is considered a ‘sinkhole city’ by the financial watchdog group, ‘Truth in Accounting,’ because there is not enough cash to cover the debt. … But most of the largest cities are in the same boat. A total of 61 of the 75 cities covered in the report are considered ‘sinkhole cities’ that owe more than they have.”

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    Watchdog urges Treasury to tighten oversight of rental aid program

    January 28, 2022
    Route Fifty

    By Kery Murakami, includes “The Treasury Department says it is creating processes to audit tens of billions of dollars in federal emergency rental assistance that states, localities and tribal governments are giving out. The department said it is working on developing the procedures as the ”


    The ‘interest rate comet’ is about to slam into the U.S. economy

    January 28, 2022

    Op-ed by Peter Tanous, includes “Welcome to our next major debt crisis. In just a few years, over half of every dollar we pay in income taxes will go to pay the interest on our national debt owned by the public. And it will get worse. When that financial comet strikes, what will our politicians say or do? … ”


    Minister quits in Lords over government handling of Covid loans fraud

    January 25, 2022
    The Guardian (UK)

    By Jessica Elgot, Peter Walker, and Rupert Neate, includes “Boris Johnson suffered another major blow to his authority on Monday after a Treasury minister staged a dramatic public resignation over the government’s decision to write off £4.3bn in fraudulent Covid loans. … Speaking in the House of Lords, he accused the government of ‘arrogance, indolence and ignorance’ in its attitude to tackling fraud estimated to cost £29bn a year.”

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