Financial State of the States 2018

How did your state fare in this year's ranking? Read the full report here.

New OPEB database now available!

Truth in Accounting has launched a new database detailing the financial condition of other post-employment benefit plans in all 50 states.

Financial Transparency Score Report

New TIA analysis issues scores to the 50 states based on how transparent they are with their finances.

US Published National Debt


The Truth


Each Taxpayer's Share: $689,000

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  • The truth about transparency in New Mexico’s CAFRs

    December 14, 2018
    Errors of Enchantment

    Last week KRWG’s Anthony Moreno interviewed Truth In Accounting’s Sheila Weinberg, who explained why the Land of Enchantment performs abysmally when it comes to “how transparent [states] are to the public about their finances.”

  • Chicago's budget fix: Weed, gambling, COLAs, and more gambling? Nice try

    December 14, 2018
    Wolf Street

    Chicago is trying to dodge municipal bankruptcy for as long as possible. Having gotten in trouble over borrowing too much to pay for political promises, it’s now struggling to raise new revenues to pay for those debts and promises. And since these new revenues too are insufficient, it is planning to incur more debt to deal with its debt. 

  • Story brings attention to unfunded health care benefits

    December 13, 2018
    The Register-Herald

    Thank you for Jordan Nelson’s recent article 'PEIA Task Force adopts recommendations.' West Virginia should welcome efforts to address the state’s accumulation of almost $2 billion in unfunded government retiree health care benefit obligations. One reason why these liabilities have mushroomed is that, for decades, state and local governments did not have to include this debt on their balance sheet under government accounting standards.

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