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A modest new proposal for what to do with Illinois

June 28, 2017

In recent days, some creative and/or silly proposals for dealing with the blooming financial disaster known as “Illinois” have bubbled up.

Pundits have suggested everything from combining Illinois with Indiana (Indianois), or allowing its neighbors to swallow up parts of the state

Here’s another idea, as long as we are thinking out of the box.

We can turn Illinois into a hole.

Illinois is already in a hole – a financial one. Why not just reflect reality?

Consider how many critics decry the state for not having a budget.

Is a budget really a solution?  We had budgets for decades, and look what that brought us.

First, let’s not have a budget, as a step toward turning Illinois into nothing, with no government at all.  Local, state, or even federal entanglements. 

Turn it into a nothing-state.  Let people cooperate on their own.  No taxes, no government police, no government schools, no chartering for banks.

Let Freedom Ring.

Just thinking out loud.  I’m not an anarchist, and I don’t think this is all that practical or wise.

… yet.


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