A Truthful Analysis of the U.S. Treasury's Report: The Numbers You Need to Know

March 21, 2024

The annual report provided by the U.S. Treasury Department tracks all of our government's promises. Therefore, Truth in Accounting would argue that this report is the Holy Grail of fiscal responsibility. It's the blueprint, the roadmap, the GPS of where all of our tax dollars are headed. However, it is virtually ignored by elected officials and the press.

Truth in Accounting is shining a light on this report with the release of this video. For the fourth year in a row, TIA board member Chuck Chokel has meticulously combed this lengthy report and provided the analysis. Using his knowledge from the corporate world, he provides us with the most important numbers voters need to know in order to be knowledgeable participants in our democracy.

This important factual video is only 30 minutes long, but according to Mr. Chokel, it should be required viewing for all high school and college students since they are the ones who ultimately will be paying for these debts. 


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