Did you know?

November 30, 2023

You already know that at Truth in Accounting, we point out spending issues by state and local governments. We find it imperative that taxpayers’ dollars are tracked and used wisely. However, did you know we are cognizant of both sides of this coin–the spending and tax filing sides? Just as we encourage governments to file their financial statements in a timely manner, we are helping individual taxpayers comply with the government’s requirement to do the same. 

Our University of Denver TIA Project Director, Christine Kuglin, has led Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs at universities for many years. As a tax professor, Christine teaches her students to become tax preparers by providing free tax preparation services for the community. The program helps low-income families, new immigrants, and the elderly stay tax-compliant. By understanding the needs of our most vulnerable taxpayers, we maintain the passion to keep fighting the good fight to ensure compliance for all sides–collection through expenditures. And by helping people file the trained tax preparers might be able to find ways they can pay less taxes. 

This winter, in conjunction with DU’s School of Accountancy, we will partner with the Sturm College of Law Tax Clinic to provide free tax services every Saturday from 9:30 to 3:30, from January through March 2024.

So, at TIA, we don’t just point out budget problems in state and local governments. We look at the issues holistically, from withholding and paying taxes to how those tax dollars are used by the governments that collect citizens' money, and we offer solutions. The issues are real and personal to us. We put our time and hearts into these efforts, one taxpayer and issue at a time.

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