Media Results from our 2023 Financial State of the State Report

November 2, 2023

At Truth in Accounting, our mission is to shed light on the true financial state of governments at all levels. We do this by publishing reports like our Financial State of the Union, Financial State of the States, and Financial State of the Cities. As the old riddle goes, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to here it, does it make a sound?" If no one receives the truth from our reports, then we haven't succeeded in our mission. That is why we spend time and money educating journalists and pitching our reports to them. Journalists help us make noise. They help disperse our reports across the nation.

We strive to obtain both earned (not paid for) and paid media hits after every report's release. With our most recent Financial State of the States report, we pitched over 1,000 journalists and published a costly press release, but it was worth it. 

Media Coverage of the 2023 Financial State of the States:

Why Earned and Paid Media Matter:

1. Increasing Visibility and Reach: The media hits our Financial State of the States report has garnered—a staggering 428 times since the press release—have amplified our voice exponentially. These mentions translate into more than $2 million in advertising value, making it possible for our message to reach corners of the country we could only dream of. Thanks to this coverage, we've potentially reached over 257 million people, sparking conversations and inspiring change.

2. Building Credibility and Trust: Media coverage acts as a powerful endorsement. When reputable news outlets share our report, it enhances our credibility, making our cause more trustworthy in the eyes of the public. This trust is invaluable, laying the foundation for lasting relationships and support. Here are some of the most notable news outlets that covered our latest report: 

3. Driving Engagement and Action: When our report features prominently in the media, it captures attention and encourages people and elected officials to engage. The more eyes on our findings, the more individuals are inspired to act. And now, we need your help to sustain this momentum.

After our most recent Financial State of the States report, we not only spent time pitching reporters but also published a costly press release. However, as you can see with the results below, it’s money well spent as these releases bring nationwide recognition, help spread our message, and grow our support, which moves us closer to winning this government accounting issue. 

Help Us Spread Our Message

We invite you to be a part of our journey. Your contribution can help us continue this impactful work by funding the press release that promotes our annual reports. By donating, you're not just supporting a press release; you're helping your community and state to thrive by bringing greater transparency and accountability to government reporting. 

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