Reflections on International Women's Day

March 8, 2018

One of the goals of International Women’s Day is to empower women. I believe we should work to empower everyone.

Early in my career, I found myself at CPA firms where women were not valued. Sometimes I felt we were treated like a joke. While it was difficult to combat that culture, I did so by working hard to prove I had the same capabilities as my male colleagues. I pushed my male managers to mentor me. I was lucky to find ones who helped me succeed even though the other men in the office fought against placing women in high-power positions.

I have found that even if you are not treated fairly, hard work and perseverance are better ways to get ahead than self-pity and crying foul.

On this International Women’s Day, I remember why I started Truth in Accounting. I wanted to stand up for what is right; to use my accounting skills to educate my fellow citizens about the true financial condition of their governments. I felt compelled to counter misleading statements about our government’s finances. I wanted to give people the information they need to be knowledgeable participants in all levels of government.

I would like to urge every woman—and man—to stand up for what they believe is right. Sometimes I feel like I am fighting a losing battle against those who want to protect the status quo. It is time for that status quo to change.

Giving up is difficult for me to think about. I can’t imagine thinking back on a life of missed opportunities. Sometimes things may seem impossible, but during those times I am reminded of this quote:

“If you want to blaze a trail, you are to going to have to start a fire.”

I present these comments to each of you as matches for you to start your own fires.

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