What Americans Don’t Know about their government’s debt

Gold Newsletter Podcast, Fergus Hodgson, Sheila Weinberg  |  September 12, 2022

"US national debt, adding up pension and medical liabilities, is around $919,000 per taxpayer. Sheila Weinberg, founder and CEO at Truth in Accounting, explains how many obligations do not appear on federal and local governments’ accounting, in contrast to private-company reporting. Weinberg perceives more citizens are becoming interested in debt numbers, now that inflation is affecting their pockets. For them, she recommends staying aware and critical of their governments’ fiscal management, since some—such as Illinois—have decided to leave out pensions and other retirement benefits completely from their debt reports. In our weekly Inventa Capital segment, Chris Donaldson, executive chairman of Tin One, reports drill results from the Great Pyramid project located in Tasmania, Australia. The ongoing drilling program has returned exceptional high-grade results that continue to identify significant mineralized zones outside the historical resource area. Show notes:"

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