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Where oh where is New Mexico's 2013 financial report?

October 13, 2014

... Guest post by Sheila Weinberg, CEO and Founder, Truth in Accounting

"Months behind all other states in America, New Mexico has yet to release its 2013 financial report.  New Mexico’s 2013 fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.  Over 450 days later, the state has yet to release its audited report.

That is why this year Truth in Accounting is bestowing the annual Tortoise Award on New Mexico -- again. 

The Tortoise Award is a dubious honor, bestowed upon states who wait the longest to release their fiscal year information to their citizens. New Mexico has missed the standard release deadline of 180 days after fiscal year end four years in a row.

The lack of timely fiscal transparency is preventing New Mexico’s citizens from holding their elected officials accountable. Reliable and timely state financial information is crucial for citizens to hold government officials accountable.

Last year, New Mexico did not publish its 2012 data for 426 days after the fiscal year ended.  In 2011, the report arrived 356 days after the fiscal year ended- that’s almost an entire calendar year.  In 2010, 258 days.  And in 2009, they were 262 days late."


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