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Ye of little faith ...

January 16, 2019

Here are the number of times the words “tax,” “budget,” “grow,” “spend,”  “reduce,” “borrow,” “save,” “debt,” “accounting,” “financial,” “corrupt,” “trust” and “faith” appear in the text of the inauguration address by the new Governor of Illinois.

The first reference to ‘faith’ arrives in a story about Reverend Robert Collyer, the pastor of a church destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire, followed by the Governor’s call today to “reaffirm our faith in one another.”

The second reference to ‘faith’ arrives in the Governor’s call to enter a discussion about the state’s budget and tax system “in good faith.”

The third reference to ‘faith’ arrives in the Governor’s call for building a future of “boundless opportunity,” revisiting the image of Reverend Collyer and calling for us to remember Reverend Collyer “when your faith in this future flags.”

The last two references to ‘faith’ arrive in the Governor’s (not Reverend’s) closing sentences:

“So thank you, Illinois, for your faith in me. I promise to live up to it every day. Together let’s go into this new century with enough faith to help each other out of our troubles, with enough foolishness to believe we can make a difference in the world, and with enough kindness to find the courage to change. Thank you. God bless the state of Illinois. And God bless the United States of America.”

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