The Federal Project

Our Federal Project explores various aspects of government financial reporting. Below are themes we have covered divided by year. 


Robbing the cradle, to secure "social security"

Two terrifying reports from the GAO yesterday

The latest financial report of the U.S. Government -- a strong report?

Going out with a bang

DOD’s uncertain progress on “audit readiness”

378 billion reasons why they make pencils with erasers

The State of the Union – what about the Union’s finances?

How well does our government account for the value of our money?

Maybe M3 wasn’t meaningless

One thousand six hundred and sixty five pages of instructions for spending your money

Accounting for money – and choosing not to

The government says it controls a future it says we control

The federal debt limit: another government accounting falsehood

What is the federal government’s obligation under its debt limit?

Social Security: a fraud, a Ponzi scheme, or both?

Discount rates for government pensions – and Social Security

Welcome to your government’s financial future, children

Laws and government obligations – picking and choosing strategically

Accounting for the economy – and the cost of government

Lots of assumptions, for something called Social Security

Social Security – discretionary mandatory spending?

What is DC doing to its debt ceiling?

Is Warren Buffet right about Social Security?


The State of the Union

Obama's sixth missed budget deadline

Off to a bad start 

How much do you know about Tax Day? 

Puerto Rico’s financial crisis – we’ve heard this story before

Can you answer these questions about our country's independence?

    Student loan debt

    Financial state of the states

    What crises will our next President face?


    The Federal Government doesn't follow the same rules as we do

    The Financial State of the Union, January 2015


    Lessons from Greece for the United States

    Federal government flunks financial audit 

    Federal government credit card statement

    The American Revolution


    Social Security 

    Does the debt ceiling really matter? 

    Presidential candidates and their financial half-truths

    Top 10 most outrageous financial happenings of 2015