The Federal Project

November 20, 2014

The Federal Project

Our Federal Project explores various aspects of government financial reporting, and will examine a different theme each month for the next year. 


Topic One: The State of the Union

Topic Two: Obama's Sixth Missed Budget Deadline

Topic Three: Off to a Bad Start 

Topic Four: How much do you know about Tax Day? 

Topic Five: Puerto Rico’s financial crisis – we’ve heard this story before

Topic Six: Can you answer these questions about our country's independence?

Topic Seven: For taxpayers’ sake, make DOD pass an audit

Topic Eight: Student loan debt

Topic Nine: Financial state of the states

Topic Ten: What crises will our next President face?


Topic One: The Federal Government Doesn't Follow the Same Rules As We Do, November 2014

Topic Two: The Financial State of the Union, January 2015

Topic Three: Entitlements

Topic Four: Lessons from Greece for the United States

Topic Five: Federal Government Flunks Financial Audit 

Topic Six: Federal Government Credit Card Statement

Topic Seven: The American Revolution

Topic Eight: Medicare 

Topic Nine: Social Security 

Topic Ten: Does the debt ceiling really matter? 

Topic Eleven: Presidential candidates and their financial half-truths

Topic Twelve: Top 10 Most Outrageous Financial Happenings of 2015

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